Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser
Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser

Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser

Khlora Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser: Uniquely designed to blend in seamlessly with your home decor for a stress-free lifestyle.

  • Introduction

    Ultrasonic technology with whisper-quiet operation designated for soundless and peaceful sleep. Capable of operating up to 6 hours with a great water capacity of 500ml.

  • Product Function

    Aroma Diffuser

    Wood Grain

    Smart ultrasonic soundless function that operates less than 35dB for healthy sleeping standards. When used together with Khlora’s 100% natural essential oils, it dismantles your feelings of fatigue and fretful mood.

    With an astounding speed of 2.4 MHz per second via the ultrasonic technology, the atomized mist of essential oils ensures you obtained the maximum benefits from aromatherapy.

    Purifying of the ambience and regulating the humidity, it soothes cough, sinus irritations and dry skin conditions.


  • Product Features

    Equipped with vibrant 7-colored lights, you can choose whichever luminosity that you favor. The visual effects from the cyclic brightness and dimming of the lights soothes your tensed mind from a day’s stress.

    The built-in special fluid design ensures the diffused mist to be finer, much balanced and dispersed to a wider coverage.

    Under the soothing atmosphere of soft warming lights; the mist drifts naturally akin to calm flowing waters, allowing the natural aroma of essential oils to stand out distinctively.

    The aromatherapy slows down your busy pace for the day; deeply resonating your mind and body from within alongside Nature’s serene and quiet embrace.

How to use

Open the outer casing and container cover

Pour not more than 500ml of distilled water into the container. Do not exceed the water line.

Add in 5-10 drops of Khlora essential oil.

Close the cover and outer casing.

Turn on the power button, select the desired timer and light settings from the 7 color LED lights.

The diffuser is preset with safety settings and will power off automatically when no water is detected.


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