Essential Oil
Santalum Album Woodsy
Savor in the spellbinding abilities of the concentrated and natural Khlora™ Sandalwood Essential Oil today and look younger tomorrow.

  • Aroma

    A distinctively earthy odour, strongly resembling a bouquet of dried flowers

  • Key ingredient

    Natural Sandalwood


    A celebrated treasure of the Indian regions, Sandalwood were found an essential in daily lives of many cultures since ancient times to date. Throughout thousands of years, Sandalwood had not once waiver from its stance of divinity where it is a symbol of holiness and plays an indispensable role in a variety of social and religious rituals or ceremonies. Like serenity in a bottle, the healing properties of concentrated sandalwood has the power to stimulate clarity thanks to its concentrated aroma.

  • Key Benefits

    A traditional ingredient in incense, its fragrance can quickly penetrate indoor spaces to aid in aromatherapy.

    Improves memory and boosts energy.

    Promotes a gentle and harmonious feeling without inducing drowsiness.

    Encourages mental clarity if used in work environments with little air movement such as the office.


  • Diffuse

    Drop 3 or 4 drops with the Khlora™ Tabletop Diffuser and allow the fragrance to permeate your space.

  • Natural Fabric Softener

    Add 10-20 drops per load to help disinfect a heavy washing machine load.

  • Stress Reliever

    Add few drops to bath and or a foot bath to promote additional relaxation.

  • Car Deodoriser

    Place 2-3 drops on the A/C vent in car to help remove lingering odors and also maintain alertness during traffic.


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