Mini USB Aroma Diffuser

Mini USB Aroma Diffuser

Enjoy the ethereal pleasure and benefits of aromatherapy with Khlora Mini USB Aroma Diffuser. With its pure white slim design, it’s perfect for offices and small spaces as embellishment of great elegance.

  • Introduction

    Ultrasonic technology with whisper-quiet operation designated for soundless and peaceful sleep. Cyclic brightness and dimming of lights with dense and sparse diffusing mist of your choice.

  • Product Function

    Aroma Diffuser

    USB Diffuser

    Khlora Mini USB Aroma Diffuser utilizes smart ultrasonic soundless function with zero-radiation macromolecule atomization technology that works best for your health. When used together with Khlora essential oils; it soothes your fatigue and acts as a natural energizer for your mind.

    Benefiting to the skin with hydrating effects and enhancing the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, it helps to purify your ambiance and regulate the humidity around you as well.

    Perfect for individuals who stays in air-conditioned rooms or small and constrained spaces for a long period of time, craving for the long-lost relaxation of natural aromatherapy.

  • Product Features

    Miniature in size and minimalistic design

    Warm yet vibrant recurring 7-colored lights to set the perfect mood.

    Available to select either continuous or intermittent misting mode.

    Suitable for offices and small spaces. Concoct with natural essential oils to surround yourself for a relaxing aromatherapy reminiscing of blossoming gardens.

How to use

Open the outer casing and container cover.

Pour distilled water into the container without exceeding ¾ quarters of the diffuser.

Add in 5-8 drops of Khlora essential oil.

Close the cover and outer casing.

Turn on the power button, select from 4 preset modes to set the mood: 1st mode – Continuous misting with recurring lights. 2nd mode – Intermittent misting with recurring lights. 3rd mode – Continuous misting without recurring lights. 4th mode – Switch off

The diffuser is preset with safety settings and will power off automatically when no water is detected.


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