Jewel Pendant Diffusing
Jewel Pendant Diffusing
Jewel Pendant Diffusing
Jewel Pendant Diffusing

Jewel Pendant Diffusing

Our first of its own kind of jewel pendant diffuser necklace embedded with pure natural jade. Upon fusing with Khlora’s essential oils, the irresistible fragrance follows you around that perspires alluring scents that entices the crowd. Exquisitely designed with great elegance and grace, it matches perfectly in any outfits and occasions.

  • Introduction

    Our jewelry designer drew upon his inspirations from fashionable concepts to design this jewel pendant with refined standards and luxurious class. Accompanied with the captivating aroma from the essential oils, it matches seamlessly with any occasions and styling outfits.

  • Product Function

    Aroma Diffuser

    Jewel Pendant

    Carved from 100% natural jade, pure white as the first snow of a cold winter and grey as the falling ashes from an ancient volcano. Delicately designed to shine in fluorescence with a soft and smooth texture, it makes the perfect quality gift to someone special or to yourself.

  • Product Features

    Adopting the latest molding techniques from Beijing, the pendant does not change its color when exposed to environmental factors and easy to clean for safekeeping.

    Be it Valentines, Mother’s Day or even important birthdays of your loved ones, this jewel pendant is sure to be the perfect gift. Functioning as a diffuser necklace with Khlora essential oils, the calming and captivating aroma replaces artificial fragrances that would harm your skin, building your own unique sense of style.

How to use

Place diffuser-specialized cottons into the jewel pendant.

Add 2 drops of Khlora essential oil.

Should you need to change a different scent, just remove the previous cotton and replace a new one before adding your desired essential oil.


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