Massage Oil
Floral + Woodsy
Curated specifically for destressing properties. The unique blend of ingredients consist of Rose Otto, Rosewood, Myrrh and Lavender.

  • Aroma

    Exudes a sweet, ethereal scent of Rose Otto and Lavender; with the aromatic woody, slightly-spiced of Rosewood and Myrrh as undertone.

  • Key ingredient

    Sunflower base oil, Sweet Almond base oil, Vitamin E, Rose Otto, Rosewood, Myrrh, Lavender

    Destressing Massage Oil

    Reigniting sentimental memories of first love, the majestic Rosa damascena flourished in the fertile valleys of Bulgaria. It appeals to women with attributes of long-lasting love and beauty to the extent of Queen Cleopatra favored it as her daily beauty regime. On the other hand, Rosewood enriches the aromatic profile of Rose Otto with its rose-tinted and aromatic woody scent. The alluring fragrance was a favorite among French and Britain royals during the 18th century in perfumery and personal care commodities with beautifying properties. Most commonly known in the New Testament as one of the sacred gifts by the 3 wise men; Myrrh emanates a warm, sweet and piney scent, often incorporated in praying incenses and meditational oils for a conducive atmosphere in spiritual practices. In fact, the utilization of Lavender enhances the woody, piney aroma of Myrrh to the extent where Ancient Greeks and Romans infused the earthy, floral essence into lavish bath additives as it’s believed to grant tranquility unto one’s mind. Symbolizing cleanliness and purity, the lilac buds of lavandula and scented twigs of Commiphora myrrha are utilized in fragrant herbal sachets and artisanal gifts in weddings.

  • Key Benefits

    Rose Otto relieves anxiety and improves dampened state of mind, which helps greatly in mood disorders.

    Rosewood provides slight relief for light headaches and muscle ache with its soothing properties.

    Myrrh helps in soothing chapped and cracked skin patches, maintaining your skin health in the natural way.

    Lavender constitutes a sense of calmness and peace for tensed minds, enable a better form of relaxation.

How to use
Shake well before use to fully blend the oils. Dispense a small amount of oil into warm hands. Rub hands together, gently massage in sweeping movements towards the heart. Alternatively, add a little to running bath water, taking care as the bath may be slippery.


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