Crystal Diffused Ceramic Vase
Crystal Diffused Ceramic Vase
Crystal Diffused Ceramic Vase

Crystal Diffused Ceramic Vase

An artisanal masterpiece delicately handcrafted by our master ceramists, Khlora Crystal diffused ceramic vase is the perfect representation of the traditional Japanese style that captivates you into the serene and peaceful realm of Zen.

  • Introduction

    By using Khlora’s 100% natural essential oils in coalesce with the naturally-occurring magnetic field from amethyst, the quartz amplifies and enhances the therapeutic benefits you would receive via aromatherapy.

  • Product Function

    Aroma Diffuser

    Crystal Diffuser

    Amethyst radiates a strong, potent energy that inspires wisdom and creativity. Commonly beneficial for students who spend hours and hours of studying and learning, it helps in improving concentrative powers and strengthen memory by stimulating brain cell activities with its energy.

    Representing the sacred stone of spiritual protection and purification, it cleanses one’s energy field of negative influences. It is believed to be beneficial for improving mutual relationships at work and strengthening ties among your social circles.

  • Product Features

    In western countries, amethyst is often regarded as the “Guardian Stone of Love”. It is assumed that the stone bestows deep and everlasting love, courage and truth to couples and partners. Whereas in Greek mythology, the purple quartz is a depiction for one of the 12 sacred Olympian gods - Bacchus. Legends rumored that it grants enticing sexual energies that helps with infertility and helps greatly in searching for your one true love.

How to use

Open the cover of the container.

Add 3-5 drops of Khlora essential oil.

When needed, unseal the cover and inhale deeply of the essential oil’s scent.

Close the cover when it’s not needed.

When you feel that the aroma is thinning, add in a few more drops as required.


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