Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Essential Oil
Salvia Sclarea Herbal Spice
Pure and natural, try and experience the multifold benefits of the Khlora™ Clary Sage Essential Oil today.

  • Aroma

    Exuding a balmy, woody, nutty scent, it is a refreshing warm and herbal scent of top notes.

  • Key ingredient

    Natural Clary Sage

    Clary Sage

    Balancing one’s energy, symbol of feminine harmony and a powerful hormone regulator in a bottle. Clary Sage’s fame as a herbal remedy is millenia-old, enjoying reverence and patronage since the era of the Greek and Roman empires. The Clary Sage essential oil is derived from the hardy plants grown in the sun-kissed regions of Southern France. Due to its calming properties for the mind, it is an awesome mood booster and helps you sleep better at night and stay refreshed during the day. As a remedy, it helps balances feminine hormonal cycles and energies, is deeply cleansing and packed with beneficial antioxidants and natural plant estrogens.

  • Key Benefits

    Bringing you calmness and peace, the scent of the Clary Sage relaxes your mind, giving it renewed energy to pursue your passions and dreams, as it busts away stress and paves the way to deeper sleep.

    Menstrual cycles can sometimes unnerve you. Find that peace and comfort in this natural remedy which is useful in times of menstrual discomfort.

    Dense in natural nutrients and antioxidants, Clary Sage is an immune booster that supports a healthier you in body and mind.

    Deeply cleansing and a potent toning agent, Clary Sage encourages the growth of beautiful and healthy skin and hair, nourishing it while protecting your crown.

Clary Sage
How to use

  • Diffuse

    Diffuse Clary Sage essential oil with the Tabletop Diffuser and meditate in its natural calming presence.

  • Sleep Induction

    For restful slumber and better sleep, add a little onto your pillow as it calms your senses.

  • Apply Topically

    Let Clary Sage work wonders on your esteem with youthful and healthy looking skin and hair.

  • Relaxing Massage

    Infuse it in your massage therapy especially during your menstrual cycle, as it lulls you to a state of perfect relaxation.


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